Clean Clothes for Dignity

Volunteer Laundry Service For The Homeless

Clean Clothes is a program set up to unite two communities. It provides the means for the homeless to do their laundry. Volunteers set up in local laundromats with quarters and laundry soap and the homeless bring their clothing to be washed.

More than laundry

Clean Clothes for Dignity provides funds and soap for the homeless to do laundry. More than that, they restore the dignity of the homeless. Homeless people often lack clean clothing, which can make them feel ashamed and cut off from society.

Our Story

A fresh start

A clean pair of clothes is a fresh start. Clean clothes makes it possible for a homeless person to find a job, participate in society, feel like a person again, and helps remove the outward signs of homelessness that so often stigmatizes them.

Customer Stories

Building a bridge

Clean Clothes for Dignity allows volunteers and members of the homeless community to share in the most basic and precious of human goods: sharing a piece of one’s life with another human being.

Get Involved


Looking for a simple, practical way to make a big difference? Clean Clothes for Asheville is looking for gifts to help sustain us for the long term. A wash, dry and supplies cost about $5 per customer. Clean Clothes requires about $250 a month to survive. Any gift is appreciated.

Support The Cause


Come Volunteer Wednesday nights 5 pm – 8 pm at Dutch Girl Coin Laundry on Haywood Rd in West Asheville.

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